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Today, finding a decent boy/girl for marriage is an as challenging task similar to finding a mine of gold. Today, when no one has time for no one, keeping track of someones routine and personal accounts is difficult to do. The identical applies for the wedded couple also. Today in the cities, post marital affairs and the relationship is very common. This lead to indefinite episodes and even scandalous crimes.a legal secretary is person who works in the legal profession, typically assisting lawyers. Legal secretaries help by preparing and filing legal documents, such as appeals or motions. It is not unusual for a larger firm to place managerial duties on a particular legal secretary. Much like a paralegal, a legal secretary is responsible for locating relevant information for cases.

a legal secretary is a secretary experienced in working for a law firm or in-house legal department. They assist by giving administrative support to lawyers and are significant members of a team of professionals who work together. The work of a legal secretary varies. They deal with a wide range of challenging legal and business issues, combining their skills with modern technology.

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