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Post Matrimonial Investigation


    Our experienced detectives are highly talented by providing all required support for your family, assets and health. Our team of investigators helps you in divorce cases with detailed reports and professional video tape evidence that stands up in the court of law. We provide these services across India.

Professional and trained detectives can find out whether your spouse is having any love or extramarital affair. We emphasize on giving you the peace of mind caused by misperceptions. Our investigation is strictly confidential and totally discreet. Our topmost priority is your privacy.

  • Adultery
  • Ertra Marital affair
  • Suspected Activies
  • Divorce

Why you should avail this services

    It aids you in understanding the future life partner in a better way.Eradicates the chances of falling into false trap and promises.Removes the misapprehension between the married couples and helps them in believing their partner. Helps you find what your companion is doing behind you Save your married relationship.

Why choose Snipax?

  • Maintain 100% work privacy
  • Investigation by expert and experienced team
  • Maintain work honesty and timely service
  • Promise to provide accurate and honest report
  • Endeavour to provide you report with evidence
  • Best Private Detective in Mumbai
  • Customize investigation according to your needs

    SNIPAX has been an industry leader in as detective agency in Mumbai providing top-notch background check and screening services for years. We are an Indian owned and based company that provides both national and local background screening solutions. SNIPAX offers a broad selection of pre-employment, background, pre-post matrimonial, and other screening solutions. We have Detectives all over India, Providing excellent service Cost efficiently.

Snipax Investigation