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Pre Matrimonial Investigation


    Today, finding a decent boy/girl for marriage is an as challenging task similar to finding a mine of gold. Today, when no one has time for no one, keeping track of someones routine and personal accounts is difficult to do. The identical applies for the wedded couple also. Today in the cities, post marital affairs and the relationship is very common. This lead to indefinite episodes and even scandalous crimes.

It may be possible that your partner has never introduced you to his/her friends. Maybe he/she is avoiding it to provide his/her whereabouts. Maybe he/she hesitates to discuss the past. Possibly, you don't know where he/she works or worry that he/she lies about his/her work position or salary. There may be a chance of affair and abusive nature. On other hand, you are in a happy relationship and just want to sure that everything is fine. Whatever the reason for pre-Marital verification needs we work with dedication and commitment.

  • Family Background Check
  • Character Verification
  • Social staus
  • Habits
  • Daily routine
  • Earlier Marriage,if any and etc

Why is it necessary to undergrow pre-matrimonial investigation?

  • Doubts of suspicions in a marital relation may lead to divorce or at a worse situation like the fight conspiracy or death.
  • The rate of divorce in India is around 13 per 1000 marriages.
  • According to BBC, about onces every 5 minutes an accident of domestic violence is reported in India under the legal defination of "cruelty by husband or his relatives"
  • According to Time of India report,"76% Indian women and 61% men feel no sin in infidelity"
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