One of the biggest challenges in marriage is to find out if your partner is involved in extramarital affairs or not. Due to the extramarital affairs relationship doesn't stand loyal and it result out divorce. If your partner's activities are suspicious and if you think that he/she is not loyal as before then you should investigate the if there is any kind of probability of your partner having affair outside. So you should inquire with tight privacy so that your beloved should not aware that you are spying on him/her. Snipax is the certainly the reliable name in terms of finest detective agency in Mumbai in that case. As we know that this is very critical and sensitive subject so we insure you to provide intense confidentiality so that your partner could not get any clue that he/she is being investigated. Our experienced investigators and staff maintain the sensitivity of the case and they are expert enough to take appropriate step to reveal truth and collect genuine proofs against suspect.

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