Employment Verification is recommended for all employees. On an average 35% of the applications and resumes contain information falsifying or exaggerating their employment. Snipax is one of the professional private detectives in Mumbai offers cost-effective solutions assuring thorough employment investigations by verification specialists.

Snipax Basic verification reports the employer's name, applicant's title, tenure, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire and salary history (if available), additional comments.

Snipax Additional report contains applicant's performance characteristics. This includes detailed duties and responsibilities, communication skills, professional strengths/core competencies, weaknesses, ability to handle pressure, inter-personal skills, people management skills, time-management skills, effectiveness in meeting goals, reliability, honesty, integrity (especially useful for accounts, marketing, purchase, cash-handling positions etc.), attitude, overall performance rating etc.

Our expert investigators will confirm the details mentioned in the CV of the applicant. We will also check the background of the applicants and their past employment history. During our pre-employment verification we check the employment details of the applicants along with qualifications, past experience and other factors. Our investigators also verify the references provided by applicant at the time of interview. Our investigators work in coordination with the management to investigate the information provided by the employee, thus we make the hiring process smooth and help the company to hire the perfect professionals for the betterment of the company.