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Snipax Detective Agency is Mumbai based local Detectives Agency, where our ultimate goal is to provide client utmost satisfaction at all the levels of investigation. Snipax Detectives Agency is among the best detective agency in Mumbai (India) for solving all type of investigative cases across all over India with 100% efficiency ratio.

We offer Detective Services in Mumbai, Snipax is a team made up of highly trained and certified professionals, researchers and agents who deliver results by conducting thorough investigations. We do not rely on database searches that can return inaccurate and outdated results, instead - we obtain live information and records from our reliable sources. From pre-employment screening to comprehensive background reports, we are 100% committed to provide each of our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date information available so that you can make the best decision for your business.

  • More than 10 years exp.
  • All over India.

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SNIPAX has been an industry leader in as detective agency in Mumbai providing top-notch background check and screening services for years. We are an Indian owned and based company that provides both national and local background screening solutions. SNIPAX offers a broad selection of pre-employment, background, pre-post matrimonial, and other screening solutions. We have Detectives all over India, Providing excellent service Cost efficiently.

At the outset, the legal system in India is based on British Common Law. The primary sources of law in India are (I) the Constitution, (ii) legislative enactments (statutes), (iii) case law, and (iv) customary law. At the apex of the judiciary system is the Supreme Court of India (“Supreme Court”). The Supreme Court exercises original, appellate and advisory jurisdiction.

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