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Matrimonial Verification is one of the most important facts. In marriages we believe that the marriages are made in heaven but now days we believe that the faith is very crucial and important for the couples. In Post & Pre Matrimonial Investigation issue and post marriage investigation, our team inspect on the character, nature, education, age, business / employment details, criminal clearance check, sources of income and family background check. But now we know that couples are not able to believe and for making them better life we do pre matrimonial investigation.


Divorce is also known as dissolution of marriage and thus by legal process a judge passes a decree which terminates a marriage or marital Union. Divorce means the cancelling and nullification of marriage between husband and wife. About a decade back the divorce rate in India was 1 in 1000, now divorce rate is 13 in 1000. There are many reasons for increasing divorce rates. However,as the divorce rate is increasing, so is the need of private investigator for divorce case investigation in India.


We are a private investigator agency with expertise in extramarital affair investigations. Not all marriages have a happy culmination and many of the married couples have to go through hell. Marriage is the union of two souls & bodies. The relation of husband & wife is the most sacred and pious relation. But, in many cases the sanctity of marriage is broken due tocompatibility, adultery, demand of dowry, harassment by in laws, abusive marriage etc.We are one of the leading matrimonial investigator agency in India. We are a team of investigators specialised in extramarital affair investigations in Mumbai, Vashi and Navi Mumbai We are a renowned name in providing extramarital affair investigations.


Employee investigation can be conducted in response to a complaint filed against an employee during the course of their job, an allegation against a former employee, or an investigation about a new recruit. If you feel that a former employee created internal follies and has cheated the company in one way or the other, you can still investigate about the matter.


Assets verification is one form of corporate investigation wherein you can find out about the property and the net worth of a person or a company. This investigation requires access to extremely confidential data like their bills, insurances, bank account transfers, etc. It is considered one of the most typical investigations because financial data is usually hidden by banks and it is almost impossible to break through their security.


We have a proven record in handling employee cheating cases of any nature and on any level, be it asset misappropriation, vendor fraud, procurement fraud, payroll fraud, data theft, bribery case, commission cases, forgery or embezzlement, fraud related to sharing vital business information with rivals, and so on.


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